Oberhauser Interiors is a residential design firm with emphasis on full-service remodels. Our design services and project management include building renovations, horizontal & vertical additions, kitchen and bathroom remodels, finish-specifications, custom furniture & furnishings, space planning, and more. Regardless of size, type, or budget—we provide modern and elegant solutions that are efficient in design and environmentally considerate.


We approach each project with one principle in mind—to create the best solution possible within the client’s parameters. A deep sensitivity to their needs and the desire to understand both personality and budget drives the creation of unique living spaces that exactly match the lifestyle of our clients. We focus on fresh, functional and innovative materials that are perfectly suited for that particular client. The result: always creative, livable and modern.


“When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was to draw up floor plans. I would sit at my desk with my door closed and instead of doing my homework, I designed houses that my dad was supposed to build for my family. They always had a separate apartment attached for me…and I would dream of how I‘d live in these apartments.”

Today Christian imagines himself in the shoes of his clients and still designs the same way—as if he was going to live in these houses.

Christian Oberhauser was born and raised in Germany. Starting in elementary school, he was drawn to architecture and interior design, but decided to pursue fashion instead. After getting a degree in Fashion and Business Administration at the German college LDT Nagold, he worked for acclaimed fashion label Karl Lagerfeld for 5 years, before moving to the Bay Area. Here Christian began remodeling houses in the early 2000’s and quickly scaled those efforts to neighbors and friends. Finally having rediscovered his passion, he formally established Oberhauser Interiors in Marin County, CA in 2005.