OBERHAUSER INTERIORS offers a variety of services that revolve around different phases of any construction or renovation project. To achieve the best end-result we advise our involvement from beginning to end. Although not necessary, it allows our clients to benefit in a multitude of ways summarized below (for additional information, please contact OBERHAUSER INTERIORS directly):


A fluid and highly collaborative process moves every project from initial concept to a finely tuned design ensuring each client feels confident and comfortable. Creativity and commitment to excellent design are always present and paired with German attention to detail as well as European sophistication. All decisions along the way are shaped by functionality, quality and sustainability with a focus on renewable resources.

Planning + Permits

Our trusted engineers are involved early in the process to ensure feasibility of construction and cost-effectiveness of execution. We provide CAD drawings and construction documentation and work closely with the municipalities before and during the permit phase. We handle all aspects to ensure a smooth and quick turn-around of the proposed plans. The client can sit back and relax.

Team Building

Leading the hiring process of contractors gives our clients peace of mind. Not only are they taking advantage of our experience and extensive relationships of a broad variety of trades, but it allows us to pay attention to qualification and suitability of experience and temperament for that particular project. Furthermore, our working relationships only benefit our clients—in terms of competitive bids, seamless execution and proven craftsmanship.

Project Management

Our continuing role during construction is critical. It's our 360-degree management view of the process—scheduling, coordination, budget, and timeline—that gives more control over every aspect of the project, including cost. Close oversight of the contractors during construction ensures precise execution of the design and pays off by minimizing mistakes and saving time. Open communication and setting realistic expectations early on is a crucial time management aspect and is an integral part of each successful project.


If desired, our engagement only will end once the post-construction cleaning service has done their magic, the furniture is positioned perfectly and artwork and accessories are in place—everything is ready for our clients to enjoy.